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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

As the name suggests, Assistive Listening Devices help individuals who find it challenging to hear appropriately. It is a helpful technology that makes hearing better in everyday situations. People can use assistive Listening devices with hearing impairments at home and when they go out.

Assistive Listening Devices- At Home

To make hearing more accessible and better at your home, we provide three Assistive Listening Devices.  

These are cordless or mobile phones with loudspeakers and a large display. The large display is easy-to-read, and the loudspeaker’s volume can be increased or decreased without distortion in these phones. As a result, they make it easier for you to listen and understand what your family and friends are saying.  

Alerting Devices  
Another range of Assistive Listening Devices provided by SoundLife Hearing is the alerting devices. These include smoke alarms, phone alerting systems, doorbell lights, and alarm clocks. These devices ensure that an individual with hearing impairment lives safely in their house.

Music and TV devices  
This range of devices includes neck loops, wireless headphones, and ear hooks. Our Music and TV devices empower you to listen to music or your favourite movie or show on the TV without increasing the volume. These devices connect to your music player or TV via a Bluetooth Transmitter and stream directly to your hearing aids. Hence, make hearing better and easy for you.


Assistive Listening Devices- For Outside

Hearing others outside your home becomes even more challenging than at your home. In places such as your classroom or conference rooms, you cannot even ask people to repeat what they say. However, this situation can be made better with our range of ALDs to assist you with better hearing when you are outside.  

Bluetooth Technology

Devices such as handy remote controls and headsets are included in this wireless technology. These devices are of the latest technology and enhance your listening experience.  

FM Systems

These are an entire system consisting of two devices. One device is worn or held by the speaker, and the other by the listener. For example, if you have a hearing impairment in your classroom, your teacher can hold or wear the transmitter microphone while you have a receiver. This system works on harmless radio waves and helps you hear better and more precisely when your teacher speaks.  

Infrared Systems

These systems typically consist of three devices- infrared listening receivers, an infrared radiator (transmitter), and an audio source.  

Induction Loop Systems

Several components form an induction loop system, commonly known as a hearing loop. In these systems, a microphone is used to pick up the words said. The speech collected by the microphone is then delivered to an amplifier that processes the signal and sends it to the final component- the loop cable. The loop cable is a wire placed around the perimeter of your room. This cable acts as an antenna that transmits signals to your hearing aid by radiating a magnetic signal.  


Wearables are a blend of hearing aid and wireless headphones. It is a device that connects your hearing aid to your smart devices via Bluetooth. Wearables allow you to augment the sound of your smart devices using a mobile application.  

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The market is flooding with new Assistive Listening devices constantly. Being dedicated to providing you with the best, SoundLife Hearing keeps up with the updating technology and provides you with the latest Assistive Listening Devices that best caters to your hearing needs. So, you do not have to struggle with hearing impairment anymore! We have the perfect solutions for you!
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