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Hearing Aid Types

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids have entirely revolutionized the healthcare sector. With the support of these devices, people, even with severe hearing impairment, can enhance their hearing and return to their everyday lives.  

The constant advancement in technology has made several developments in Hearing aids. Today, different types of Hearing aids are present to cater to every individual’s specific needs and ensure that these devices are comfortable to wear.  

In addition to various types of Hearing aids, Sound Life Hearing also presents a wide range of Hearing aid accessories. These accessories help the Hearing aid wearer to listen clearly to other devices like a television or an audio system.  

Hearing Aid Types

At SoundLife Hearing, you can find all types of Hearing aids. We assess your ear health, lifestyle and various other factors to select the best type of Hearing aids among the following- 

Behind The Ear (BTE) 

These traditional aids sit behind your ears comfortably. They have a slightly larger body than other types of Hearing aids as they contain all the working parts sitting behind the ear. However, mini versions are also present today. The sound amplified by the working parts of the device is carried to the custom earpiece called an ear mould sitting in the ear canal through a thin tube.  

In The Ear (ITE)  

As understandable by its name, In The Ear devices are custom moulded to fit comfortably in your ear. These devices are easy to handle and are water-repellent.
These devices are ideal to be used by individuals with any hearing profile and include features such as volume control that other small Hearing aids don’t. In The Ear devices use a large battery that gives a longer battery life. 

Completely In The Canal (CIC)  

The type of Hearing aid custom-moulded to fit inside the ear canal is a Completely In The Canal device. These are the smallest among all the Hearing aid types, making them the least visible in the ears. People with mild to moderate Hearing loss can use these devices. These devices have various colour options and are less likely to pick up wind noise.

Invisible In The Canal (IIC)  

These devices are the same as the Completely In The Canal devices. However, they are smaller. Invisible In The Canal (IIC) devices are fitted deep inside the ear canal, making them invisible. These devices sit close to the eardrum, preventing distortion.  

Hearing Aid Accessories 

Undoubtedly, Hearing Aids are wonders for people with hearing impairment and can enhance hearing alone. However, you might need some extra help at times. It is when the Hearing Aid Accessories are used. These accessories are compatible devices that help you listen to audio from other devices like a mobile phone or a television. Some of these accessories are- 

Remote Microphones

Remote Microphones are small accessories. However, their impact on making your hearing better is quite huge. These match-box-sized devices enhance speech clarity in places with background noises coming from different directions. Remote Microphones have a direct, long-range signal line to your Hearing Aids, assisting you to hear clearly in tricky situations.  

TV Links

As the name suggests, TV Links are accessories that help you listen to the audio from your television. These devices are connected to the back of your television and bring audio wirelessly to your Hearing aids. Using these accessories, you will not be required to increase volume to a level that might not be comfortable for the people watching you. TV Links improve sound clarity just for you and transmit it directly to your Hearing aid without disturbing others.  

Mobile Phone Links

Another device that might need extra assistance in addition to your Hearing aid is your mobile phone. Most smartphones are compatible with Hearing aids and directly connect to them. However, some smartphones might need a Mobile Phone Link to connect to your Hearing aids. These accessories connect your Mobile phone to the Hearing aid, helping you hear the other person clearly.  

SoundLife Hearing For You!

Technology advancements in the area of Hearing aids are undeniably advantageous. However, the many options available might confuse you about what you need and which one to get. Sound Life Hearing understands that the journey of finding the right hearing aid can be overwhelming for you. Hence, we stay by your side throughout. In addition to selecting the best type of Hearing aids, we also recommend the Hearing aids accessories that are most suitable for you based on your hearing loss profile, lifestyle and requirements.

Hearing Aid Types

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