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Ear Wax Removal (Micro Suction)

Ear Wax Removal (Micro Suction)

Ear wax accumulation is a common problem faced by people that affects hearing. Therefore, we recommend seeking the help of our professionals, who will use the Micro Suction method for ear wax removal and help you improve your ear health.

What is ear wax? 

Ear wax is formed as a result of your body keeping dust and dead skin cells away from the ear canal. Although it is called ear wax, it does not contain any wax. Ear wax or Cerumen is a water-soluble substance that absorbs secretions from glands in the ear canal, dust, and dead skin cells and forms a substance that has wax-like consistency.  

Compacted Earwax Symptoms

Your ears will always have ear wax, and you do not need to get it removed every time. Ear wax removal is suggested when your ears get compacted with ear wax and you observe any of the following symptoms- 

  • Discharge from ears 
  • Itching in ears 
  • Odour 
  • Earache 
  • Tinnitus 
  • Feelings of your ears being blocked 
  • Hearing muffled sounds 
  • If you use a hearing device and it feels like it is not functioning correctly or you hear a whistling sound coming from the device 

Earwax Removal With Micro Suction at SoundLife Hearing

At SoundLife Hearing, we value you and your health. As a result, we have the best technicians and audiologists that remove your ear wax using the latest machines. We use the most effective and safe method for ear wax removal- Micro Suction. It is a gentle and safe process that does not involve water syringing and guarantees clean ears.  

We follow a three-step procedure for ear wax removal with Micro Suction.  

Step 1

To start with Micro Suction, we carefully place a small funnel in your ear canal. The nurse practitioner uses this funnel to look into your ear canal using binocular glasses fitted with bright light or a microscope.

Step 2

After carefully examining your ear canal, ear suction is used to remove dust, ear wax, or other objects from your ear canal. While performing this, the practitioner can always look into your ears, ensuring a safe and effective procedure.  

Step 3

A tiny sucker attached to a low-pressure machine is used for ear suction. This lower-pressure machine works like a gentle vacuum cleaner. Based on the requirements, a practitioner might also use other fine instruments to remove wax, like tiny scoops.  

Why do we recommend Micro Suction?

Although there are several methods to remove ear wax, the SoundLife Hearing experts always recommend Micro Suction because:


One of the first reasons to choose Micro Suction over other ear wax removal methods is that it is a painless method. The ear wax build-up is removed gently, and the sensation you feel is not more than ticklish.  


Compared to other methods, one significant benefit of Micro Suction is that it does not use water. Being a water-free procedure makes it safe. It is incredibly safe for people with ear health conditions where water syringing must not be used.  

Quick & Effective

Usually, the effective procedure of Micro Suction does not take longer than 30 minutes.  

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Ears compacted with ear wax can be annoying and raise numerous issues. So, do not let yourself suffer anymore, and book your MicroSuction appointment today at SoundLife Hearing.  

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