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Hearing Assessments

Hearing Assessments

If you are having trouble hearing, you must get a Hearing Assessment appointment.

Loss of hearing capacity is relatively easy to identify as you or the people near you can easily doubt hearing loss. Numerous reasons might degrade one’s hearing capacity. However, early detection can prevent your condition from worsening and allow you to start with the proper treatment to improve your hearing. Hence, Sound Life Hearing recommends that you or your friends and family go for a Hearing Assessment as soon as you doubt hearing loss.  

Your health is your top concern, and you always want the best for it. We understand that it is no different with your ear health. So, if you are looking for the best place for a hearing assessment, Sound Life Hearing is just the place you need to visit.  

Visit SoundLife Hearing for Hearing Assessment

At SoundLife Hearing, we provide complete hearing assessments performed by experienced and qualified audiologists using the latest audiology equipment. Being a trusted hearing clinic, we have testing booths and consulting rooms that are equipped and designed following the guidance of the governing bodies.

We understand that the reasons for your visit for a hearing assessment may vary. Some people visit for an assessment for comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, while others might visit for worker compensation evaluations or pre-employment evaluations. Hence, based on your reason for the visit, we employ several tests for you.

How is a Hearing Assessment conducted at our clinic?

To ensure an accurate assessment, we conduct the Hearing Assessments by following a three-step procedure- 

General Questions

We start by evaluating your health by asking questions about your health history, hearing issues and environment. Following are some examples of the general questions we ask- 

  • Why do you feel you have hearing loss? 
  • Do you feel pain in your ears? 
  • Have you ever undergone an ear operation? 
  • Do you get ear infections repeatedly? 
  • Does your occupation or lifestyle involve being exposed to continuous loud noises? 

Hearing Assessment

As a next step, our audiologists will look into your ears and perform a hearing assessment that will include various tests based on your reason for an assessment and the issues you face. At Sound Life Hearing, we offer various hearing tests, including-  

  • Otoscopy 
  • Pure Tone Audiometry- Air Conduction and Bone Conduction 
  • Tympanometry 
  • Speech Tests- Speech-in-Noise Tests, Unaided vs Aided Tests


As the third and final step of a Hearing Assessment, we evaluate the results of each of the hearing tests performed. After the evaluation of these results, we assist you by guiding you to a resolution appropriate to improve your hearing. These resolutions can include any Hearing Solution that best suits your ear health condition. Fortunately, when you are at Sound Life Hearing, you can get all these solutions within the clinic as we provide numerous Hearing Solutions. 

Book your Hearing Assessment today.

Health never comes second. Hence, if you feel difficulty hearing or the people near you believe your hearing capacity has degraded, please book an appointment with us immediately. A Hearing Assessment done in the early stages helps minimize the effects of hearing loss. Additionally, it will help us detect the issue early and, eventually, allow us to provide you with timely treatment and hearing solutions.

So, if you wish to stop asking people to repeat and get your hearing back to normal, a Hearing Assessment appointment is your first step. Contact our support team today to book your Hearing Assessment.

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We are also committed to serving the community by providing education and outreach programs that promote hearing health and awareness. We believe that by working together, we can improve our community’s overall health and well-being.