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Fitting Procedure

Fitting Procedure

The significance of Hearing aids for people with hearing impairment is undeniable. But, these devices can be helpful only when they have been fitted appropriately. SoundLife Hearing understands this.  

We do not just hand out Hearing aids to our patients because we understand that no two ears are the same. Every individual needs professional fitting of these devices. You have nothing to worry about when you are at SoundLife Hearing. We follow a precise fitting procedure to ensure your Hearing aids work perfectly for you.  

Hearing Aid Evaluation

To start with the fitting procedure, we first evaluate your ear health to find the best solution for you. We also ask you several questions about your health, lifestyle and ear health. Then, we choose the right tests for you based on your symptoms and evaluate your ear health further. 

Choosing Your Hearing Aid

Based on the test results, we select the most appropriate hearing aid for you. As a trusted clinic in the hearing care industry, we have partnered with numerous trusted hearing aid brands. As a result, we have the best options available at our clinic. After studying your test results, budget and other lifestyle factors, we select the most appropriate Hearing Aid.  

Ear Impressions

We take your ear impressions as the next step in the Hearing aid fitting procedure. Whether you are getting a custom-made hearing aid or a behind-the-ear hearing aid, an ear mould is required during the fitting procedure. These ear moulds are made custom-fitted to your ear impressions.  

Programming and Education

Now, the hearing professionals will fit the Hearing aids into your ears. We will help you with tips to adjust to the new Hearing aids and educate you about their use. The SoundLife Hearing team will also share some maintenance tips for your Hearing aids.  

Get Your Hearing Back

You can now enjoy hearing and interacting again with your new Hearing aids. You might need some time to get adjusted to the new devices. So, allow yourself to adjust to them and explore the volume you are comfortable with. Your new Hearing aids will allow you to hear the beautiful sounds near you and get back to normal. However, even after days you feel that your Hearing aids are not working perfectly for you, you can visit us anytime, and we will do everything possible to ease things up for you.  

SoundLife Hearing - Always Providing The Best

If you are experiencing hearing loss, visit our clinic today to regain your hearing. We choose the best Hearing aids based on your requirements and budget and follow the 5-step precise fitting procedure to ensure that you are comfortable with your Hearing aids. Our fitting procedure also ensures that the Hearing aids work best for you.

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We are also committed to serving the community by providing education and outreach programs that promote hearing health and awareness. We believe that by working together, we can improve our community’s overall health and well-being.