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Nursing Home Visits And Home Visits

Nursing Home Visits And Home Visits

We understand that not every individual finds it convenient to visit our clinic. For such individuals, we provide the facility of Nursing Home visits and Home visits.

Whether you are facing an issue with your hearing device or wish to get a hearing test conducted, The SoundLife Hearing team can come to you and provide hearing solutions or services at your place. Numerous reasons might make it impossible for you to visit us. For example, you might have an injury or restricted mobility due to old age. Whatever the reason, we do not let your hearing health suffer. Hence, when you cannot visit us, we come to your place with our services and solutions.  

Some of the many services we provide at a home visit are ear wax removal, hearing assessment conduction, fitting hearing aids, and maintenance of hearing devices. You can also book nursing homes or regular home visits with us if you or any older family members regularly need hearing assistance and maintenance services.  

The Benefits of our Nursing Home Visits And Home Visits

Our team works closely with the care staff to ensure our visit is safe, quick, and easy for our clients. With this facility, we aim to provide the following benefits- 

  • No conveyance is required; we will visit you. 
  • Relish the clinic level of high-quality services and solutions at your place. 
  • We also provide trained staff that can help with the maintenance and repair of your hearing aids without you being needed to visit our clinic. 

Our Nursing Home and Home Visit services make it possible for you to access our services and solutions irrespective of where you are. We aim not to let your hearing health suffer due to restricted mobility. So, contact us today to book your visit and bring your hearing back to normal.  

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We are also committed to serving the community by providing education and outreach programs that promote hearing health and awareness. We believe that by working together, we can improve our community’s overall health and well-being.